Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw Safety Training



Canadian Trainers Foundation Registration

Chainsaw Training Standards

This is a 4-level registration system, which is composed of:

  1. Level 1 Awareness = 6.5 hrs. Designed for construction workers cutting dunnage, HDPV pipe installation.
  2. Level 2 Basic = 16 hrs. Basic Bucking Techniques, municipality nuisance tree removal.
  3. Level 3 Introductory Feller = 24hrs. Wild Land Fire Fighters.
  4. Level 4 Proficient Felling Techniques = 40hrs. UTT and UTW certification for working around energized lines. Use of ropes and knots.
Chainsaw Safety Training

Chainsaw Safety Training Program (Level 1)

All chainsaw operators must be properly trained and have the knowledge and skills required in order to maximize the benefits of this specialized piece of equipment. Training is based on manufacturer’s technique manuals and OH&S regulations pertaining to saw operations.

Training Objectives

The objective of the Chainsaw Safety Training Program is to provide chainsaw operators with the skills and safe practices required for maintenance or construction operations.

They will receive training in OH&S regulations for saw operations, basic safe saw operation, maintenance, filing, proper PPE use and bucking. They will be made aware of hazardous situations and the potential resulting consequences when operating a saw outside of their own handling capabilities.

Day 1 – Classroom/Field

  • Course Introduction
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Saw handling
  • Safe Starting Techniques
  • Fuelling & Fire Prevention
  • Personal Protective Equipment, Clothing and other related equipment
  • Occupational Health & Safety Regulation When Using a Chainsaw (local/provincial)
  • Saw Breakdown and Daily Maintenance
  • Chainsaw Sharpening & Cleaning in the Field
  • Basic Push-Pull-Kick
  • Cuts
  • Presentation
  • Demonstration
  • Practice
  • Forces and Reactions in the Wood or HDPV Pipe

The Husqvarna Safety Manual Connection

These course manuals have been developed by Husqvarna Sweden and adjusted to fit the regulations in Canada. They are the culmination of years of experience by a worldwide group of specialists. Please visit their site and check out the outstanding products and support material. 

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