Welcome to the Southbrook Safety and Consulting Ltd. and thanks for coming!

My name is Wade Smith and I have been in the training industry since 1985. I started in the seismic industry in 1979 with a slashing company. I then joined the family distribution business (Northern Husqvarna) in 1984.

My duties there were Service Manager and Product Manager, responsible for customer support, safety training and proper product care. I have extensive training in Chainsaw, Brush Saw Safety and Efficient Usage from Husqvarna professionals such as Soren Eriksson’s “The Game of Logging” and Nora Mattsson’s “Nordfor Forestry” and their pioneering techniques.

I parted ways with Husqvarna on good terms in 2008 after selling the family distribution business to them in 2005. My last position there was as Canadian Product Manager. Husqvarna assisted me in the startup of Southbrook Safety and Consulting Ltd.

As one of the three co-developers of the Chainsaw Proficiency Safety Program, I helped re-develop this program from the Alberta Forest Products Association Course developed in 1985. We also revised the Chainsaw Course in 1994 and launched it in 1995 in Hinton Alberta for the Alberta wildland fire fighters.

2015 Husqvarna again developed new and better chainsaw and brush saw techniques and we have brought those techniques to Canada with the Canadian Trainers Foundation, CTF. This is a much better training system accumulated from techniques used by professional cutters all over the world. It is not as regional as other systems currently in use.

Other training accomplishments include: ACSA-NCSO, BC Wildfire Wildlife Danger Tree, BC Forestry Wildlife Danger Tree, as well as University of New Brunswick Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety.

We also offer Safety consulting services, site HSE, site Supervisor, site Hazard Evaluations and COR Audit Services, as well as many on-line courses across the whole spectrum of health & safety training.  All courses are fun, interactive, informative and best of all affordable.

Contact us today for more ways we can help you with your safety programs through our Contact Form or call 780-983-3426.   We hope to see you soon, and remember…

Safety is not a Practice… it is an Attitude!

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